Senin, 31 Maret 2014

Morning V: Sea Games

I have a sweet memory with Sea Games. In textbook of English published by Education and Culture Department the author told us that Indonesia won almost this games. It almost held in Jakarta too. So awesome. Unfortunately, the book used when I was in junior high school Now, Indonesia is ordinary contestant. In football, Indonesia defeated by Thailand. In badminton, the most popular sports, Malaysia is new winner and also ini many sports I don't want to mention--because it's will be a list of sadness. I like to watch every match in Sea Games. And I always so curious with the medals Indonesia get. It's not about what kind of medals: gold, silver or bronze but about "how many" Indonesia get it. Then, I compared with the medals in last Sea Games. It also make us very happy to do home work to collect the news about Sea Games. We, I with my classmates, asked a shop sold second-use newspaper and cut everything related with the match. Almost of them about the gold and glory. And many faces with smile and "Anoman" mascots in their hand. Yes, it's the past. It's occured when I was in junior high school. I have no curisority now. Due to the allegation corruption and many disorganized happens with the venue and many thing, I get desperated. I have no insterest with the match of Kampuchea and Singapore versus Indonesia, and Thailand. The same feeling I get with Taufik Hidayat and Simon Santoso in the evening. Nothing, just worry and fear. I just can't watch Indonesian athletes being loser in sport, with fairness, and the unfairness did by Indonesia government in same times. What about you?